New Weimar Studies Network

March 31, 2011

The Weimar Studies Network (WSN) is an international platform for researchers and academics working on the history of the Weimar Republic. It offers information on recent publications, up-coming events and on-going research projects on the politics, culture and society of the interwar years in Germany. We would like to develop this forum into a permanent platform for scholars working on any aspect of the Weimar Republic. Besides regular postings on new research, publications and conferences, it offers a place for the exchange of ideas, to present current research interests and to draw on the knowledge of colleagues from all over the world. We welcome all contributions, like call for papers, new publications or conferences, as well as specific questions or problems you might have encountered in your research and that you would like to present to the network.The Weimar Studies Network website can be found at you would like to stay updated on the WSN, please subscribe to our Facebook page ( and our Twitter feed (

Good News for Modern Languages at Swansea

March 29, 2011

Swansea’s University Council will not let the University management go ahead with plans to cut Modern Languages staffing by 50%. For further details, see Swansea’s Modern Languages blog.

Briefings from UCML

March 28, 2011

The University Council for Modern Languages has published two new briefings that will be of interests to Germanists in Higher Education in the UK. Firstly, UCML has responded to the government’s proposal for an  English Baccalaureate (click here for the document). Secondly, the Council has produced a briefing document on work and study for the year abroad, focusing particularly on the need to protect year abroad provision from high tuition fees. Click here to read the briefing.


Swansea University Council to Decide on Future of Modern Languages

March 22, 2011

The Executive at Swansea University have decided to proceed with the proposed cuts to Modern Languages and are taking the proposals to the University Council next Monday (28/3), leaving colleagues little time to respond.

Please support colleagues at Swansea by writing to express concern about the proposals to Sir Roger Jones, Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council, c/o Dr. Martin Lewis, secretary to Council, at .
– by signing the petition:

Any other support, such as letters to the press, would also be welcome.

Here is a briefing paper from Modern Languages at Swansea which outlines the situation from their perspective. Further info can also be found on their blog:

UCML’s response to the Enquiry into the Future of Higher Education

March 21, 2011

UCML has responded to the UK government’s enquiry into the future of Higher Education. You can read the full response by clicking here..